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Application Support Services

The RSS group provides software support for a number of statistical packages whether the assistance required be more technical or analytical.  While our personal preferences focus on R, we have much experience with the others we support and are happy to provide aid regarding them.  While you may have access to other programs depending on specific departments' expenditures, those listed below are the only packages we at RSS support, and we do not have the resources to provide help with other packages you may come across. 

Software we support is available in most computer labs in their full version for free.  

Clicking on the package links will take you to their individual pages for basic descriptions and additional resources.  A comparison of packages and other links can be found below.

General Purpose Software Faculty Home Use Student Home Use Windows Mac UNIX/Linux
R yes yes 3.3.1 3.3.1 3.3.1
Stata yes**** yes**** 14 14 14
SAS yes * 9.4 - 9.4
SPSS yes * 22 & 23 22 & 23 -
Special Purpose Software Faculty Home Use Student Home Use Windows Mac UNIX/Linux
Matlab yes yes 2015a 2015a   2015a
Mathematica yes yes 10 10 10
AMOS *** no 22 & 23 - -
LISREL no no 9 8 -
EViews no no 7 - -
NVivo no** no 10 - -

* The University's licenses for SAS and SPSS allow for a limited number of copies to be made available for student home use. Academic Computing and User Services will support home installation of these programs for graduate students who are pursuing thesis or dissertation research and require one of these programs for their research data analysis. Requests for home use will need to be endorsed by a professor who is guiding or sponsoring the student research activity. Students may initiate a home use request by visiting here and making a "Request for Software". Students are encouraged to provide sufficient contact information to enable timely communication regarding their request.For specific questions regarding license terms and conditions, contact Jacob Flores.

** Only 15 licenses for concurrent use are available for NVivo.

***There are only a very limited number of concurrent home use allocations for AMOS; interested faculty should contact Jacob Flores.

****Stata is not available at no cost for home use, but being a UNT faculty, staff, or student qualifies you for an educational discount.

To request software for home use, click here.

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