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Data Support Services

The RSS group can provide help just getting your data into a useable form.  Whether the issue be transfer of data files from one statistical package to another, getting text data into a statistical package, or simply figuring out what one is looking at with a dataset, feel free to contact us for help.  If you would like assistance with data entry, click on the Data Management Services link below to be taken to their department.

Other data resources:

University of North Texas UIT maintains a High Performance Computer (HPC) called Talon for those with really big data and research needs. Please visit the HPC web site for more information.

If you are an instructor for a statistics course, you may be interested in obtaining some simulated data for your class (i.e. data for in-class demonstrations, homework assignments, etc.). RSS maintains a simulated population from which random samples can be drawn upon request. Learn more about that population by visiting the page linked below.

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