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Instructional Services (i.e. short courses / tutorials)

RSS offers the following self-paced on-line study guides introducing the basics of our supported statistical packages. These were initially short courses offered in a classroom twice per semester; however, they have been migrated to the online format so that they may reach a wider audience and allow self-paced learning. These pages were designed to show how a particular software package can be used (e.g., R, SPSS, SAS), they are not designed to teach statistics or how to interpret statistics (although some interpretation is offered among the many pages). Note that these short courses are introductions for the uninitiated.  If you already have notable experience with a package you will likely not find the class offers much more than you already know.  We also are available (with enough planning) to work out presentations tailored more to your research group's needs.  Contact us for more information.


*Course pages may be undergoing change/updating

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