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Research & Statistical Support

S-PLUS & R Class Links

Instructor: Richard Herrington

Why Do We Care To Use the "S" Language?  Does anyone care besides us? The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) cares


S-PLUS Student Edition Download (Free)

  • Student Edition 6.2 - This version of S-Plus has a 20,000 cell or 1,000 row limitation; is only for educational use; is good for only one year; and is a rather large download (100+ meg).

S-PLUS Free Experimental Libraries and User Contributed Libraries

  • Research Libraries - Includes: S+CorrelatedData (mixed effects generalized linear models), S+Best (B-Spline methods), S+Resample (bootstrap library), S+Bayes (bayesian analysis), S+FDA (functional data analysis). 
  • User Contributed Libraries

Tinn-R Script Editor


Download Site for the Current Windows Install Binary and R Packages

Web Interfaces to R Web Servers and Example R Scripts

  • R Web Interfaces - Web/browser based interfaces to R script processing on a server
  • Example R Scripts - Some of these scripts run on a server and results are communicated thru a web browser
  • RSS Rweb Server - Link to http:/ R server

R, R(D)COM and Excel 

R and Survey Analysis

Free R Books and Tutorials

R Homepage and Resources

UNT Benchmark Series on R

Example Data Sets

Example R Scripts


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