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Statistical Resources Workshop

General Materials

Data Science and Analytics (DSA) at UNT

Main DSA Website:


Introduction to R course:


More R and S-Plus materials:


SPSS Short Course:


SAS Short Course:


Index of articles by DSA staff:


Recommended books for teaching and learning Bayesian statistical inference:  Summary of each here.


Are you an instructor who would like to have some simulated data for statistics course instruction, assignments, etc.? Check out the nation of Examplonia:


List of academic journals focused on statistics and/or research methods:


Miscellaneous other links:

Basic online statistics textbook

The Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics:


David Lane's site offers a good refresher for some basic content:

Basic through advanced online statistics textbooks/resources

Statistics on the Web:


STATNOTES. *Unfortunately, most of this content has been migrated to a 'pay for' format. The STATNOTES content has been migrated to the following site: <-- then click on "E-BOOK LIST".




A great deal of useful information is available at the including an entire textbook for "Using R for Personality Research."


Statistical learning textbooks:


Miscellaneous other resources

UNT’s library system:


Sage Series: Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences:


STAT-L is a comprehensive searchable listserv site: 



UCLA Statistical Consulting:


RSeek (an R specific search engine):


JSTOR (an electronic database for a diverse literature):











Other (potentially) useful materials...  1  2  3  4  5  6  7 


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